Fairfax & Favor Tassels – An addition to your boots




Interchangeable tassels from Fairfax and Favor.  Customise your boots with our signature colours tassels.  The tassels are easily changed by slipping the tab of the tassel off the stud, removing from the D-ring, then repeating in reverse with your new colour!


We are very proud to offer a 12 months no-quibble warranty against any faults for all our products from date of purchase. In the unlikely event that a product fails in the warranty period including all stitching, zips, metalwork, handles or corners or soles you can return it to us for repair, or in the event that it is unrepairable, a replacement so long as the products have been fairly treated for the period. This does not cover products that have been damaged by misuse, accidents or unauthorised repair.

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Tan Leopard, Baby Pink, Baby Blue, Black, Burgundy, Chocolate, Aquamarine, Forest Green, Magenta, Midnight Blue, Navy Blue, Petrol Blue, Plum, Porto Blue, Red, Royal Blue, Sky Blue, Tan, Tangerine, Hot Pink, Grey Suede, Raspberry, Jaguar Haircalf, Cobalt Blue, Mustard Yellow, NHS Blue Tassels, Cowhide, Blush Pink, Bubblegum, Coral, Cornflower Blue, Electric Blue, Jade, Lime Green, Mango, Midnight Blue, Violet, Zebra, Fuchsia, Turquoise, Dalmatian Haircalf, Giaraffe Haircalf, Snow Leopard Haircalf, Cheetah Haircalf, Emerald Green, Breast Cancer Now 2021, Guinea Fowl, Emerald Green Jaguar, Lilac